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good morning :-) I'm a

good morning smile
I’m a dork because I woke up at 6:30 on a sunday morning. How come I can’t sleep in? I mean, that’s about an hour earlier than I get up on a work day, but still!
<.sappy smile.>
Eric is still sound asleep and I have to resist the urge to go and sit and watch him sleep. He’d know I was in the room and wake up.... but he’s so sweet when he sleeps smile
I’m such a morning person and Eric is a night person. He comes and lets me fall asleep in his arms at night around 9 and then gets up and comes and plays on his computer or plays games or watches TV until midnight, and then goes to bed. I wake on on normal mornings at 5:30, and get on my computer, read my mail, watch my soaps from the day before, and then get ready and wake him up at 7. This schedule works out really good for us, but sometimes I wish I wasn’t so sleepy and could stay up with him instead and play smile
<./end sappy smile.>


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