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I've had several thoughts of

I’ve had several thoughts of things I’d like to include in my blog. I’m writing a list for my own reference:

  1. Get back into the habit of blogging Angelquotes. Not only would this be fun, but it would help me keep better track if people are doing their quotes smile
  2. Blog my sleep schedule and dreams
  3. Blog the weather, temperature, and how it effects my mood
  4. Blog my movie/tv watching schedule. During the real tv season, this normally happens by default because that’s what I enjoy smile But I loved the idea of making lists of movies seen - and what better of a place to do it?!

I’ll use little icons like the that I used for angelquotes. I like that idea a lot smile And maybe it will prove to give more content than just links, althought I feel like I add to the links that I give you. Maybe that’s just my opinion. I’m doing this (this time around) more for me than for anyone who happens by. I still like watching to see when I’m a power blogger, and its so much fun to see that people link to me, but the actual content is so much more than that.


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