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The ontime program here at

The ontime program here at work pisses me off sometimes. All regular employees get a bonus for being on time every day of the pay period. For most, that’s not a problem. But there is one person in particular that likes to make my life a living hell when he’s late. He came in and just yelled at me .... I don’t deserve this abuse every time his truck won’t start! We are in the process of instituting some new policies, and one is a card for one excused day of lateness a month. So he comes in here and asks when he has to give me his card if he’s late - I told him as far as I know, it has to occur within one hour of his scheduled time of arrival, just like the notification for this lateness must occur. So he swears and yells crap about what if he’s late again this pay period?? He ran out and slammed *MY* office door. Oh, real mature! <.sigh.> Gotta love brothers sometimes.....


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