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keeping in mind that I'm

keeping in mind that I’m slightly annoyed with my job right now, you get to hear another rant :->

People think I’m the Aleve dispensing girl or something - have you seen that commercial where they call the girl in the race Aleve because she always gave it out to people? that’s how I feel. One specific employee comes in at LEAST once a week and has me dig around in my purse for my Aleve! Just cuz I happened to take it out at home this week, its not in here, and she was annoyed. Durh! So I told my mom the other day that we needed to get some that was for work, not for me to buy personally, but nothing is here yet because, well, because of lots of reasons that I won’t go into <.g>

End of another work-rant. Is this turning into my i-hate-work-blog? I’m sorry!


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