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Oooh, look - 2 Rina

Oooh, look - 2 Rina blogs in one day!

This isn’t a happy blog, though, it’s a whiny-complaining one. <.g> Tonight I was IMing with my mom as we watched West Wing together. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I get this horrible headache. I’m dizzy, lightheaded, sick to my stomach, and can’t move my head without all of those getting ten times worse. <.sigh> I’m so sick of this! It happened last night, too, and I swear I haven’t had any chocolate! <.g> It came on so fast, and I don’t know why. Migraine, cold, or allergies, I don’t care; I just want it gone! Maybe I should start a headache journal (or blog <.g>) to keep track and see when these happen...

I’m going to go crawl back to bed and be grateful I started watching WW this summer and therefore don’t have to wait months and months to have the cliffhanger resolved.


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