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Oh my goodness. I just

Oh my goodness. I just spent a bunch of time between work projects reading all of the archives of . : living colours : .. Kaycee is fighting so hard, and I wish I could be there to hold her hand throughout this ordeal. She seems like there is so much fight and faith in her and her mom (at her companion blog - . : journey towards the rainbow : .). I am just so touched by her story. I am so touched by her strength to make it through the last 24 hours and still have such faith. She makes me want to cry, but she also gives me a sense of hope. Why hope, you might ask? Because when I see people who are in the midst of so many trials and are still holding onto what they believe in and clinging to their family, I feel like God can get me through things that are greater than anything I can imagine. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Kaycee. May your fight be long and your body be stronger during the next challenges.
My challenge to you, my readers, is to think some happy thoughts full of sunshine for Kaycee tonight.


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