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via Periwinkle Haze, I took

via Periwinkle Haze, I took the test to find out What’s My Superpower?

Your inner superpower is INVISIBILITY! Slumbering someplace beneath your quiet exterior is an unrealized superpower known as invisibility. It’s true that invisibility can sometimes be annoying. People tend to ignore you. At restaurants it might take a while for you to be served. But don’t take it personally. They don’t do it out of spite. It’s just that you are, after all, a little difficult to see sometimes. Don’t let this get you down. In this hectic world where seemingly everybody wants a piece of your time, invisibility is your ticket to freedom. When you think about it, being invisible has all sorts of bonuses. Take, for instance, the ability to find privacy and solitude under any circumstance. Then there’s the special perk of being able to sneak unnoticed through crowded rooms, easily avoiding all of the annoying people that you would rather not talk to. You’ve probably wished on numerous occasions that you could just disappear. Well, now you can. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, think of transparent things and prepare to be invisible.
Yep, I’m kinda invisible. I work hard in the background, but don’t always let the true hugeness of how hard I worked to the foreground people!


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