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Zippy, I thought I'd put

Zippy, I thought I’d put my reasoning behind my vote - Washington State is SUCH a beautiful place. If you were to drive no more than 3 hours in any direction from my house, you could get to the desert, the mountains and snow, the ocean, the river, the forests, the puget sound, and the valleys. We have so many different climates available at a moments notice smile It rains in the winter, but everything is so green all summer. The tempetures are moderate, and the spring/fall seasons are particularly glorious smile And we have some beautiful cities - Portland (of course) is my favorite, but I’m sure that the Seattle area is just as nice smile
And here’s my fav aspect of the NW, Mt. Hood:

mthood at sunset
this isn’t my picture, I’m just borrowing it for your pleasure smile

Pretty, huh?!! smile


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