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Just as I was happily

Just as I was happily drifting off to sleep early last night, the phone started ringing, and it was CAA calling to say that they were taking Megan to the hospital because she had twisted her ankle really bad. They couldn’t get ahold of my mom at the time, and so we called, left some messages on mom’s machine and tried to go back to bed. I laid there for all of 10 minutes, worrying about my sister, when their coach called from the car on the way to the hospital, saying they still couldn’t get ahold of mom, but that she’d left the game before it was over. So Eric and me started to get ready to go to the hospital because someone was gonna need to bring the girls home. A few more tries to mom found her there and she went to do it, but I’m so sad for my sister. If she really did break it, that’s the end of her volleyball season. And she is one of the captains, and she loves the sport more than anyone I know 'cept maybe Oscar. I feel so terrible for her. The pain of breaking would be bad, too, but for Megan, its the pain that will keep her from playing the rest of the season that will be awful. And I didn’t even get to go watch her this year <.sigh.> Mom wouldn’t take me, and it was too early to get out there by the time Eric got home. It bothers me that I am feeling sad that *I* didn’t get to see her play - I should just be worrying about her.
And the really sad thing - I was worried that the call last night was going to be someone saying that my brother was in trouble or hurt or something. He has been so reckless lately. He almost hit our newest employee’s car yesterday, and he swerved to pretend to hit Nancy yesterday and smacked the front end of his car into the building in the process. He comes through the alley at about 60 miles an hour, and if someone walked out in front of them, they’d be dead. And what can we do about that? its a parking lot/alley, Nancy doesn’t think there are rules on how fast you go down here.
Wow, lots of sibling stuff. I’ll blog when I hear more about Meggie later.


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