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I found (via a mailing

I found (via a mailing list I’m on) a really cool thing this morning smile I think it could be used in congunction with blogger really nicely to point out things on pages. Its call e-quill, and its a webpage marking up program. It sits on the bottom of your IE screen (must have IE 5 or above) but can be minimized to a very small arrow icon.

You can check out an example of something I marked up to see the options on the e-quill’s link to BLOGGER. Even after I mark things up, you can follow the links and move stuff around.

The main downside that I see is that when you are referring to a site, it wouldn’t directly point to their site, and people would have a harder time searching for their refering sites, but I think it could be cool smile It also shows a bar on the top when you click the link, but it goes away when you go to the next site instead of hanging on the top of your browser.

Overall, I think it looks cool!


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