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Geez, where has my mind

Geez, where has my mind been?! It’s been 3 days and I haven’t blogged at ALL about Buffy or Angel! <.g>

Huh. Maybe that’s because I can’t think of anything to say. LOL Let’s see...well, I loved the both. Drac was cool, but what was WITH his make-up?? His face, in some scenes, looked like he was dunked in powder, but his neck was tan. That drove me nuts! And he had fangs, but no grrrr face? Blah! <.g> Spike rocks hugely - that scene with Riley was so totally charged. Couldn’t believe how tall Riley really was. And his crypt looks so cozy now. LOL What else? I thanked those Draco-babes for pulling Giles' shirt off, even though I LOVED that shirt. He looked incredible! Joyce is still clueless about so much, Willow’s a sweetie, Anya’s going to be SO mad at Xander for the closet deal, and there were a great number of hilarious one-liners that I adored. Still not sure what I’m thinking about Dawn yet. I’ll get back to ya next week.

Now, Angel. I wasn’t overly keen on this show last season, but now I love it. I love Angel. I’m in love with Angel. I want Wesley. I really want Wesley. LOL I think Angel/Wes would be fun. Cordy is so cool, and it’s about time she’s being written as a real person. We all knew she had it in her. Gunn is going to be a great addition to the cast. Angel singing was SO perfect. "Well, I know the words....and I think it’s kinda pretty." I loved Wes and Cordy’s looks. <.giggle> I only wish I hadn’t stopped the tape after the scenes from next week (which I am SO excited about), because I missed the credits showing David singing. If you have a .ram or anything else of it, PLEASE send it to me!! I’ll be your best friend.

All in all, great starts to both seasons. I think this Angel ep is my favorite of them all together. Although I want to know why I suddenly am so attracted to David Boreanaz. LOL Alexis Denisof, yeah, sure, it’s been over a year. But I never saw David B’s appeal before. Hmmmmm....<.g>