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from Gina's page, I found

from Gina’s page, I found a list of her favorites, and I thought I’d fill it in too!
Color: Lavender and purple
Flower: Rose
Smell: Vanilla
TV Show: Friends and Buffy
Movie(s): so many! Armageddon, Air Force One, Toy Story 2, Ever After....
Music: Top 40s, Christian
Breakfast Food: handful of cereal on my way out the door
Dinner: home made macaroni and cheese
Meat: Chicken
Vegetables: Costco’s frozen sweet corn
Snack Food: Chocolate smile
Dessert: Lucerne’s Swiss Chocolate Cherry ice cream
Beverage (alcoholic): Pina Colada
Beverage (non-alcoholic): Cherry Coke
Morning Beverage: Cherry Coke smile

That was fun - thanks for letting me play with your list, Gina smile


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