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Wow, lots and lots of

Wow, lots and lots of Krissy-blogs! LOL We’re missed you, dearie. : )

A few posts down you mentioned you had a couch in the living room. What a coincidence - so do I! LOL For those kinda confused, she meant her kitchen. She a couch along the wall by the table. It’s kinda cool actually - has a dark green sheet covering the back and a green/white checked for the seat. <.g>

Anyways, it’s that time of year again - school! I’m a sophomore at University of IL at Urbana/Champaign. I like all of my classes (Phonetics, Linguistics, Astronomy, Psych, and Poli Sci. E-mail me if you like these subjects, too!), and my Psych teacher is to die for! LOL Poor Krissy (and maybe you guys) will be hearing about how cool and cute and fun and sexy he is ALL semester long. <.giggle> Gotta love the internet - I could name the guy, show off his website, give his radio.sonicnet addy and he still wouldn’t have a clue of who I was. Anonymity can be so fun sometimes. <.g>

I’m gearing up for the X-Files premiere, and reading tons of spoilers and interviews and articles. I’m sad about David not being there most of the season, but Scully having his baby is good, and I think I’ll like Agent Doggett. We’ll see, I guess, but I’m kinda getting more optismistic now!

Gilliangels is still chugging along. Slowly, but surely. : ) I e-mailed some major fan sites (GAWS and the Haven) to see if they would support us by linking to our site, but that was over a month ago and I never got a response from either place. : ( Oh, well. We’re doing good on our own! Next Friday we’re starting our third project - we’ll be collecting poptabs for Ronald McDonald Houses for a full year, 9/1/00 until 9/1/01. If you want to participate, join us!

I think that’s more than enough talking now. Ta!


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