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Its Monday. Lets hope that

Its Monday. Lets hope that this Monday was better than last Monday! At least I feel more organized at work. But no more secretary for me for TWO weeks. My sister has been my secretary for the summer. And the plan was, while I was on my honeymoon, my sister was supposed to be screening applicants for me so I would interview all this last week. But at the last second, my favorite wonderful secretary agreed to come back smile So I have two weeks without a secretary, and that will be hard, but at least I know that I have wonderful things to look forward to smile Annette is not only a good friend, but she is an excellent employee. She has a great capacity for remembering customers and items and that’s super important in this job. And we work really well together. My hope is that this will make my job less stressful again smile
BUT, today my mom has an appointment. And she’s supposed to be filling in part time for the secretary job, and now I don’t know if she’s coming in <.sigh> Could make for a stressful day, if I don’t start out with perfect attitude. Hmmm, I don’t seem like my attitude is perfect, but I’ll keep you posted smile


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