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Columbia Adventist Academy - my

Columbia Adventist Academy - my sisters start school today (I’m a CAA alumni, 1994 smile ). This is Megan’s senior year, and Lisa’s freshman year, so there is a lot of excited nervousness between the two of them smile Lisa’s already starting to fit in in the pre-school activites that she’s attended, and Megan’s very excited to hold the office as Reunion Secretary for her class and doing tons of work (which proves to me that she should have been the president!). I am kind of jealous, though. My sisters get the opportunity to see each other all of the time - I never got to go to school with my siblings, and I would have loved that so much! Lucky for me, though, they are both excited about involving me in projects and are inviting me to everything that I can come to smile I’m excited smile My mom dropped off a copy of the curriculum map, and its really cool to see what they’ll be learning smile I remember quite a bit of this stuff, and hope that I can help them if they need me. I know I’ll be making trips out there for Volleyball and Basketball games - they had tryouts all this last week for v-ball. Megan has played for 3 years and is really good, and Lisa’s just learning, but enthusiastic, and I think she’ll make the JV team smile Can you tell that I’m super proud of my girls? smile They are my best friends and I am so happy to have had this summer with them smile


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