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I am so silly. I

I am so silly. I decided to stay and talk to Rina for a while last night after work, and then started scanning wedding pictures. Do you *know* how addictive that is? I keep finding "just one more" and then have to scan it in! And then, I’m addicted to touching them up, too - making the color more balanced, sharpening and smoothing, and resizing! So, by the time I realized I had stayed late, it was like 6:30. So then I decided to wait until Eric came home from work cuz I knew he’d come get me and I wouldn’t have to walk <.silly giggle.> Yup, he came about 7 and then took me to dinner - what a sweety he is! We had chinese and got to chat - it was really cool smile So anyhow, yesterday was a LONG day!! Lets home I am not possessed tonight, too <.giggle.>


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