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Laura and Kayley got new

Laura and Kayley got new shoes!! I want new shoes - I love payless smile Its been a few weeks since I’ve been there, and I usually try to watch for new things smile I tend to wear sandles until its just too cold to wear them anymore. So I know I need some colder weather shoes :-> I’d really like some black shiney doc marten’s, actually.
Maybe I should get something like these - they still don’t look as comfy as the ones I had a few years ago that are similar..... I wish payless kept some of their styles on year after year.... like the sandles that I bought 4 years ago in two colors because I loved them - they are falling apart now!

As for the Dr. Martens, I want black shiney ones...Black shiney low ones with the yellow stickes around the bottom.... kinda like this, but maybe with the more traditional laces instead of these black ones:

Hmm, maybe I’ll have to treat myself to these - they aren’t THAT much, and I’ve wanted them for a long time. I can just see myself in my comfiest jeans, black docs, a cute tight white shirt and a happy soft black sweater. Or the jeans, docs, and a really nice black shirt. Maybe even with khakis and a black sweater smile See, look at all those outfits!!


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