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A tribute to a good

A tribute to a good friend who has passed away.
It seems so hard to say that she’s gone, because she was young and so happy. Our times together always had smiles and lots of laughing. And yesterday I found out that she is not longer with us - her death wasn’t something I was aware of and asked a mutual friend for her address to send my wedding invitation to her. She would have love to hear that I am the first of the 6 of us girls to get married. I can almost hear her laughing because I’m gonna beat Robiely. Its so sad that such a good friend won’t be here to go to any of our weddings, or any of our reunions in the future.
I have this picture on my dressor in my bedroom, and have had it out on display for quite some time because it represented a happy time in my life where I had an amazing group of friends. Not all of us have stayed close since I graduated two years ago, but all of these wonderful women had stayed in my prayers and thoughts.

Mindi introduced me to the laughter that is a must in the dorm. Before I even really knew her, she hung out on my hall my junior year and when I did check in, she’d be making noise in either Angie’s room or Robe and Rachelle’s room. I remember some wild nights making fun of the girl whos room happened to be in between because Mindi and the girls were being too loud and would run back and forth giggling and doing silly things like squirt guns! I remember one night when I was doing check that Mindi decided she wanted to get checked in by all of the Resident Assistants in our dorm. I laughed at her because I knew her better than I knew my other girls, and always had her room number memorized to write her down. Mindi was one of the brilliant minds (mine being the other one smile ) behind the Impeach Kelly Jordan page. My graphic skills still had much to be desired, but boy did we giggle over the funny things I tried to make smile It was so much fun. And then we got in the habit of leaving funny notes in the SA suggestion box for Kelly. We were so bad. I lucked out my senior year that she lived next door to Karen and we got more time to hang out together.
Mindi Lou, if you were here right now, I’d hug you and tell you how much joy you brought to my life at Walla Walla. I don’t think you ever knew how much I appreciated you. Thank you, my friend.


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