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I haven't blogged about my

I haven’t blogged about my new computer. Its SO cool! And speedy <.smile.> Eric picked it up on thursday night, and all I’ve wanted to do is play with it ever since smile I have a custom made (we picked the pieces we wanted inside) HP Pentium III 600 MHz, with a 30.2 GB 7200 rpm hard drive, 128 MBs of ram, a nice graphics card, and best of all - its purple!!!!!! The outside of the case has a purple section oni t, the wrap of the keyboard is purple, and the bottom part of the mouse is purple! And then, when I turned it on - all of the computer desktop settings matched the purple, too <.giggle.>
When we purchased the computer, we got a 19" monitor for it, but as I blogged before, it kinda sucks. But if we bring it back, we have to pay a 15% restocking fee, plus, we wouldn’t get the free printer and scanner, so out of the 379 we spent, we’d only get 179 back really. So I’m gonna use E’s 17" for now, because that’s a big jump for me because I had a 14", and he’s probably gonna use the 19".
Anyhow, I"m a happy chica! I can’t wait to do some designing with my big fun computer smile


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