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I have had things I

I have had things I have thought of to blog lately, and not the time to blog. They range from thoughts on ebay auctions to comments on my messy house (which is atrocious) and I’ve seen things on my friend’s blogs that I wanted to chat about..... <.sigh.>

But I will share - I am happier than I have ever been. I’m planning my wedding. I have a wonderful fiancee who loves me. I have a brand new computer. I’m very happy smile

My time is getting more and more scarce, friends - please don’t hate me or stop popping in - I’ll return in full force as soon as I can. In the mean time, do any of you want to come and help me make a veil, wrap 100 bubbles in tulle, design candy bar wrappers and a program, and find me a frickin photographer that won’t screw me around for a week before saying they can’t do it!!!! Or do some housework, I’m not picky, I’d put you to work wherever I can <.giggle.>

Blowing kisses! ~~~~~*


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