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YAY!!!!!! You know how when

YAY!!!!!! You know how when you scroll down to my desires, it says "end of rain"? Well, it’s ended! All of my papers have been handed in, I have attened my last class as a freshman, and now I only have to take a biology final and write 4 English essays. Hmmmm. That still sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Well, no matter. I’ll be home in a week!!

Speaking of what else I’ll be doing in a week, did anyone else watch Buffy this week? I’m loving Willow and Tara! I found a way cool list for them, too! Can’t wait for next week. : )

And what about Dawson’s Creek?? My little sister Danielle and I watched together, and we were totally crying at the end. We love Pacey and Joey. I might even venture to say it’s one of the few things we have in common. LOL

After Dawson, I had to turn on the series finale of Party of Five. And, of course, promptly cried some more. *g* I haven’t watched in years, excepting a few brief episodes when Julia and Griffen were married, but I had to watch the finale, and it did NOT disappoint. Although I always though Kirsten couldn’t have kids. And when did Julia and Justin get back together?! E-mail me if you can answer these questions and send me any good fic sites for Julia and Griffen or Justin. LOL


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