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Have you ever spent time

Have you ever spent time browsing various graphic designer linkware graphics sets? Its really cool to notice a trend - a particular *thing* that each graphic artist focuses on. Just citing a few of the examples I browse through frequently - these are my personal generalizations, and not what the artists may have inteded smile
For Kandee, her graphics have a beautiful real appeal. She has flowers and objects that are realistic and beautifully flowing together. For Kellea, it seems to be realistic jewels and very nice tiling backgrounds. For Gabrielle, the multiple vibrant colors and neat rollover interfaces flow through most every set. In the case of Leah, she does really nice textures and colors that blend elegently. (Please don’t feel bad if I didn’t mention someone particular, I’m just giving examples off the top of my head.)
All of these ladies (and many others that I encounter) are so talented. I wish that I could see a trend flowing through my designs, but I have so many ideas that its hard to pick just one type of outputs. I wish I had the quantity that these ladies have. I can’t even imagine having my 62nd set up!! LOL!
Anyway, after saying all that, I think I will go and work on uploading the newest series of sets I have and maybe work on a few more brainstorms. Who knows, maybe in a few years, I’ll be blogged about for my special *thing* smile


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