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Windows 98 tips:Using the Address

Windows 98 tips:Using the Address bar to run programs on your computer - This is a good hint. I use this lots, actually smile Let’s take a tour of Kristine’s toolbar, just for fun LOL!
I have my windows toolbar set up to be two toolbars high, with icons to AOL, LeechFTP, IE, the Desktop icon, Windows Explorer, and Outlook Express. Then next to that is the address bar. Then I have a Daily toolbar that gives me links to my fav places. Underneath all that are the programs that I have opened, and at the end near the systems tray is the Font Storage folder. I made my font folder into a toolbar, and have it all divided up into the different types of font, so I can go into the font I want, click it, and its open for use in PSP or whatever program I need the font for. I know there are programs to do that, but for one-at-a-time use of fonts I know, this is easiest smile
Then on my sidebar is the microsoft shortcut bar - its got 4 sections, Love, which has all of my utlities and programs, Links which have easy links to online stuff (much like my daily folder, actually ), Office, which is the actual toolbar that has word, excel, etc., and then Locatis which has all the work things I need like Quickbooks Pro and a timecard program.
That’s my desktop. All covered in lavender and my pretty paper graphic which is being used for my wedding inviations!!!.
Hope you enjoyed LOL!


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