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HP computers. I'm looking at

HP computers. I’m looking at buying one. I really need a new computer. I was playing aroudn with configurations this weekend, and I’m really kinda looking at the following:
Athlon** | 600MHz | 128 MB | 30.6 7200 rpm hard drive | 48X CDRom | 32MB Nvidia RIVA TNT2Pro | 19" M90 monitor | Xenon Purple case, keyboard, and scrolly mouse | MS Works
** (I did have PIII, but Athlon for this model wasn’t much more)
Grand total = $1609.00
That’s about in the price range. I could go down on the monitor and the harddrive if I needed to smile But I think this is my fav so far. I’ll keep you posted on it all as I work on my search smile


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