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More on the fall line-up:

More on the fall line-up: The X-Files will be on for one more season. According to Hollywood Reporter, Chris Carter re-signed for one more year, and Gillian Anderson will also come back. Still no news on David Duchovny. Frankly, I’m really upset. I don’t want an 8th season! I think this should be the end, although not with the ending they chose. *g* I want onscreen smoochies, dang it! I know they’re smoochying off screen (Mulder/Scully, that is. NOT Gillian/David. Don’t get me started on those so-called fans who advocate Gill/David.), and I want to see it! I want happiness! I want the end of the show, and the start of movies. I do NOT want David for only 6-9 episodes!!!!!!!!!! Mulder IS the X-Files. Scully is wonderful, Gillian is fabulous and I adore her, but the X-Files were MULDER’S baby, not Scully’s! Where’s the balance without the believer? There’s no point without Mulder, and David is Mulder. None of these stupid recasting ideas. LOL

So, yeah. Them’s my thoughts. *giggle*


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