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Christie says: Buffy was gooooood!

Christie says:

Buffy was gooooood! The concensus at Mom’s house....tonite’s episode could’ve been the season finale.
Does Riley love Buffy or whatconfused That boy dug around in his chest for that computer chip! Aaahh...what a cutie!!
And I’ve got a question about Tara. Do you think she’s a demon? Or perhaps part demon?
Here’s why I ask. Remember the episode where Willow & Tara were going to do a spell to track down demons in the immediate area? They were supposed to use this special dust that would turn colors and identify demons. And while Willow had her eyes closed, Tara threw her dust under the bed. Remember?
We think that Tara was hiding her demonhood b/c she didn’t know that Willow was a demon tolerate person. What do you think?? Anyone care to share their theoriesconfused

I agree, Buffy was good smile I am so hooked on that show smile I think I said the same thing to Eric about how this would have made a good season finale. Last season, stuff was so hooked together (even thought we really didn’t get to see it all as hooked together because of the stupidness of WB execs <.g.>), and lead up to the season finale, and I think that’s exactly what has been happening this season leading up to last nights epi. I don’t think that the next episode is really gonna seem like a season finale after this!!
Anyhow I really do think that Riley loves Buffy. He got some serious ass-kicking this episode for her. And did you see how he trusted her when she went after Adam? Very cool smile
And yes, I do think that Tara has some sort of demon side that she is hiding. There is something there that’s she’s definately hiding and I’d cite the same incident to support that theory smile
That’s my two cents. I defiantely laughed last night at Spike. He’s so funny! And they made some funny comment about how they’d rather be fighting the mayor and that made me laugh too smile
'sall for now !


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