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Okay, I'm desperately in need

Okay, I’m desperately in need of another trip to the bookstore. *g* I’ve taken to rereading books now, and today I picked up "Emily’s Quest" by LM Montgomery. I’ve been reading Lucy Maud since I was 8, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. LOL Anyway, there’s this one passage towards the beginning that I’ve always loved.

Once, when Emily had been very small, living with her father in the little old house at Maywood, where he died, she had started out to seek the rainbow’s end. Over long wet fields and hills she ran, hopeful, expectant. But as she ran the wonderful arch was faded--was dim--was gone. Emily was alone in an alien valley, not too sure in which direction lay home. For a moment her lips quivered, her eyes filled. Then she lifted her face and smiled gallantly at the empty sky.

"There will be other rainbows," she said.

Emily was a chaser of rainbows.

I just love that thought - being a chaser of rainbows. I’d love to be a chaser of rainbows. : )


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