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Hmmm, blogger ate my huge

Hmmm, blogger ate my huge post. I saw it on my blog, and then it disappared. Luckily, I still had a copy of it up. Trying again!:

As I surf page linked off of other pages I read, I am reminded of why there are a whole section of blogs I avoid. There are some people out there that are just SO rude to others. They have made their journals into a hateful bashing session, and for whatever reason, turned to being bad representations of the blogging community at large.

I really enjoy journalling. For the first time in my life, I am able to write about my life, and enhance it with the things I like the most - webpages and graphics. My paper and pencil journals were never very sucessful, but this one is working out much better.

Not only do I enjoy writing, but I enjoy reading. I try to write notes or at least blog notes about the places I like, and it has found me some wonderful friends. I initially just thought this would be a good way to network, but now its been more fun than that smile

I hate to think about the bad people in the blog circle. But sometimes, its inevitable that in any happy place you are in, some bad apple will try to ruin it for the rest. Take the loss of the wonderful blogging talent of Kellea at IBlogU. Her blog was a delightful read, but the unkindness of some ruined it for the many.

Dwelling on this kind of thing isn’t fun. But I wanted to send out {{{{hugs}}}} to the people I read and enjoy so much. Thank you for being wonderful sweet people, without bashing others smile

I don’t know that my blogs are always perfectly positive. But I can definately say that bashing, being hateful, and downright rudeness to strangers
who it hurts is not my style, and never will be


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