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lish at b i n

lish at b i n d i asks "What scent would your blog be?"
Hmm... I’d say its the combination of vanilla and the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking. Sometimes, a whiff of V’s Love Spell or GB’s pink grapefruit lotion or the taste of the pear jelly bellys or the sound of falling rain on the metal roof. Yes, I know, those aren’t all smells.... I got caught up in the whole feeling of it....smile

Anyhow, Lish, you can make your own scent! I don’t see cinnamin on this list, but honeysuckle and vanilla are on here, and cinnamin MIGHT be in one of the stores smile (and in the store, you can actually mix the scents instead of just picking one!) My sister had their pink grapefruit, and it had a wonderful cool smell that you wouldn’t have expected. I want to do this sometime smile I *heart* garden botanika smile


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