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Okay, I am TOTALLY

Okay, I am TOTALLY pissed off right now. I don’t know if I can say that, but I am! Mom and I are watching MSNBC. It’s a horrible tragedy - it was the last day of school somewhere in Florida. A 7th grader pulled out a gun and shot his language teacher in the face in front of everyone. I can’t imagine how those students felt seeing that. This, however, is what pissed me off so greatly:

They have the police chief on the phone. He says, and I am quoting here, "This was not a problem kid. You know, not like a special education student."

Excuse me? Since when are the children with special needs in the schools being the ones who are killing teachers and classmates? They are not "problem" students, you idiot! I am SO mad at some people’s stupidity, I can barely see straight. I just want to lean in and whack him upseide the head! Maybe then some sense will end up in his pea brain.

<./end rant>


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