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Ack, FINALLY I get to

Ack, FINALLY I get to blog. *giggle* It’s been way busy by me lately. But hey, I got my English paper done and handed in, which is a relief! I had fun with it. It’s a comparison of Dana Scully from the X-Files and Hester Prynne from The Scarlet Letter.

As you can see from my desires list, I got the Return to Me CD!!!! My daddy bought it for me for Easter. : ) All the songs are great, but my favorite, as Krissy knows, is called "What if I Loved You" by Joey Gian. Here are the lyrics, because they’re so sweet!!

Oh, what if I loved you, and I gave it my all?
What if I told you, you’re all I’ve waited for?
What if I held you tonight, and I made you feel oh so right?
What if I loved you, would you always be mine?

What if I kissed you, the way you like to be kissed?
What if I held you in my arms, so close like this?
What if I touched you tonight, and I filled your body with delight?
What if I loved you, would you always be mine?

Oh, what if I sang you a sweet lullaby?
What if I gave you a dozen stars that I pulled from the sky?
What if I told you tonight, I want to love you for the rest of your life?
What if I loved you, would you always be mine?

What if I loved you, would you always be mine?

The whole CD is so romantic, just like the movie! Amazon.com has clips on it’s site, so you can listen. : )


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