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I designed this weekend. Well,

I designed this weekend. Well, okay, so one of the designs was a brainstorm from back in like march, but I cut it up and made it into a graphics set. It is SO rewarding to have time to put these things together smile As I was telling Eric, you’d think I’d run out of ideas, but every time I sit down in front of his computer, something floats out of my head and I have to try to make it!! I read a book at barnes and noble yesterday - I haven’t had a chance to check out much of the corresponding webpage yet, but its at lynda.com. The book was great. But it was pretty photoshop based. I can’t afford to shell out the cash for that program yet. But the book was
really interesting, and gave me some more good ideas smile Anyhow, I’ll put these design up today sometime. Must zip them and put final touches on spring dots before uploading smile BTW, I have blogger templates. Should I put them in the sidebar? Most of them are parts of other graphic sets, but I could very easily seperate the blogger template part out of a set and offer it to my blogging buddys smile Got an opinion? email me.


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