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The last four weeks, I’ve been posting about my home remodelarama, what I’m cheerfully tagging it when I make instagram posts. You can see Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, and Phase 5 for the before and progress photos and info.


Much of the work is complete, and everything is falling into place!

A ton of small details were made on the part of my BrotherContractor last week. He had a final list and was rapidly checking things off.  Things like sealing the backsplash and grouting where it went to the countertop were small, but important things!

And a few bigger finishing touches like painting the existing bottom cabinets and updating the trim on the existing top cabinets were completed as well. We painted the bottom cabinets for consistency with the new ones, and that turned out really nice. And when we put in the undercabinet lighting, they hung lower than we wanted, so we added some trim below the cabinets and to balance it (we were worried about how close of a match we could get), a more simple edging was replaced on the top. This makes things look more modern and the color match was actually really great. I think this caps it off much better than leaving the more curvy crown moulding.

PHASE 6: bottom cabinets white to match new cabinets
PHASE 6: new trim on existing top cabinets

The previous weekend, we made purchases of the track lighting and table, and those are here now.  The table is beautiful and wonderful.  We went and got felt feet for all of the legs, and when they delivered it, they put all of those on for us.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I needed it pushed out of the way, and now it is actually tucked in with sheets to keep it from getting the last bits of dust on it for the final steps of construction.  

The track lighting is here, but we haven’t attempted the installation yet.  But we did put the matching ceiling light into the living room.  It was a challenge to get set up because it required me to hold it while E did the wiring.  And then we got it in and realized the mounting screws were too long!  so we had to undo it all and troubleshoot.  We ended up being able to make it work by adjusting how the screws sat, but it was a bit of a struggle!  While we were working on lighting, we got new bulbs for the kitchen – they are daylight color (5k kelvin) rather than typical warm lights, and it really accentuates the whiteness of the space.   I really like it.  Once the old fixture comes down and the track goes up, I think the lighting colors will balance out a bit, even though underneath the cabinets will be a little warmer in color. We purchased two floor lamps at IKEA as well, but they aren’t assembled yet.

PHASE 6: color difference in lighting
PHASE 6: new table, pushed to the side
PHASE 6: installing the light fixtures was a 2-ladder job!

Another trip to IKEA to replace the handles that were misthreaded, and we got a few more in drawer dividers and liner sheets to help me organize. I spent some time putting the dividers into the drawers, and then yesterday, began putting stuff into the drawers as well.

PHASE 6: starting to put contents in drawers

Still coming: a fix on a flooring issue. Finish a patch in the garage. Finish the undercabinet lighting. Install the track lighting. Much Kristine-organizing to get the kitchen back to be workable! get a new trash can. put handles on the existing kitchen cabinets.

more updates to come, both here and on @kdlb on instagram.



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