September knitting

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Last month, I wrote a spotlight on all the WIPs, FOs, and KALs I was knitting on. I enjoyed that little idea so much that I've been brewing a new update for you all.

FOFinished Object
WIPWork in Progress
KALKnit A Long
queuelist of projects to knit on
stashyarn on hand
frogrip out a project.

I knit a lot. I have many brainstorms going through my head at any given time. This fall, my primary goal is to make myself some new things to wear. With my weight loss, I have no less than 15 hand-knit garments that are too big for me. That's a huge deal! (not to mention how much of my non-knit wardrobe had to be given away - almost all!). So while this may sound selfish that I'm knitting so much for ME, I'm trying to use the tools at my fingertips to re-clothe myself! :)

September knitting: enchanting temptress

FO: Enchanting Temptress. This is the Tempted Cardigan from Knitty in Knit Picks Imagination, striping two colors of Enchanted Lake and Wicked Witch. it was modified to knit in one piece up to the armholes and then used Elizabeth Zimmerman's Set In sleeve method. There was a bit of engineering because I was doing it in one piece and EZ's instructions aren't straight forward either, but it all worked out in the end. This was actually a fun knit. I made a size down from my original plan, and I'm glad. I also choose to finish it off with a band but not buttons - I've worn it open or just with a barrette attaching it closed, and this looks really nice and gives it more versatility for me. I submitted this for 3 KALs: KnerdGirl Knits sweater KAL (FOs, ended 8/31), Yarniac's Colors of Fall KAL (FOs, Chatter, ended 9/22), and Down Cellar Studio's Fall Swearer KAL (FOs, Chatter, through 10/15).

September knitting: lucky13wrenFO: lucky13wren. This project has a great story. Aforementioned story and pictures to follow, after I'm happy with it :) It is finished and it may get overdyed. (Ok, this picture is me knitting on it during my anniversary trip!). I meant to finish this for the tvknittingpodcast KAL, and it was done in time, but I hadn't blocked or decided what I was going to do with it.

September knitting: lichen tide cowlFO: Lichen Tide Cowl. finished using the rest of the yarn from my Lichen Tide cardigan for a cowl with the same lace pattern as the cardi. I actually wore this set together on our trip to the Maryhill Museum of Art and the Stonehenge replica in the gorge, both long and short by looping it around once or twice. When it was windy out there, my neck needed the coverage!

September knitting: happy home

WIP: Happy Home. This is the Contented Cardi pattern by Hannah Fettig in Fibre Company's Canopy Worsted in the Paw Paw colorway. The story behind this cardigan is that Happy Knits in Portland had the knitbot trunk show (Hannah Fettig's line), and my friend Leslie and I got to see. That was late January, and I was still loosing weight, but I took a chance and tried on one of the sweaters. It fit perfectly, so pretty, and the yarn was just lovely. (the sample sweater was knit by cocoknits). I found the yarn on sale at Little Knits, and it seemed like kismet that it was the exact yarn in the sample knit with a colorway of name of Paw Paw. I grew up in Paw Paw, MI. So Happy (contented + happy knits) Home (for my hometown) seemed appropriate. Knitting wise, this yarn is a JOY to knit with. It's luxurious and has a lovely drape and even the edge is coming out flat and perfect. I'm knitting a size down from what I tried on, since my gauge swatch grew just a touch! and I'm a bit smaller than I was in January. But I am following the mod of the sample sweater and put the cables at the center of my lower back instead of upper back like the original. I did have to rip back 4-6" because of a color change issue that wasn't immediately noticeable. I'm happier for it, even though alternating skeins makes it a little less auto-pilot knitting. I may add this to my entry for the aforementioned Down Celler Studio KAL. I am almost to the final increase and then it will just increase on the beginning and end of the RS row until reaching the correct length.

WIP: new design project. Yarn by Yarn vs. Zombies. This is almost ready for test knitters!

KAL: KnerdGirl Knit's Single Skein September KAL (FOs, Chatter, through 9/30) - use a single skein (could be something super special in your stash) and knit up a project. I'm going to make the Hollywood Boulevard hat by Alex Tinsley, using Three Irish Girls Bamboo Cotton that I won from the same podcast, which makes it special. I think it will make me feel like a star! I'm all about the hats this year, with my new sassy shorter hair.

KAL: Stockinette Zombie's Sun Valley Fiber Mix-N-Match KAL (FOs, Chatter, through 10/31) - knit either something with Sun Valley Fiber's yarn or one of the patterns the girls are using. I'm going to swatch for the Austin Hoodie in doubled Knit Picks laceweight I got from a bag sale. I've had this pattern in my queue for a while.

KAL: Knitmore Girls' Behm-a-long (starts 9/21, discount code available through 10/10) - knit one of Martina Behm's patterns. After much thought, I decided on Magrathea in the Bumblebirch Wellspring in Mineral that I got on the Rose City Yarn Crawl this year. I'd like to try and add beads.

KAL: Down Cellar Studio's Fall Festival Photography Challenge (Entries, Chat, through 11/18) - take pictures of Festival Food, Festival Faces, Festival Atmosphere, Wild life, and Festival Close-up.

Everything's Coming up Socks! I need to get a new set of size 0 needles after the old ones broke on my CA on my Mind socks. My size 1s are just waiting for a project (which will probably be #2 on the below list!)

  1. Make a decision on Island-inspired socks that were a design in process but now are a touch big. Maybe ribbon or elastic at the top ribbing. Or make them longer and wear with a garter belt, oh la la!
  2. Hundred Acre Woods socks by Alice Yu in the Soctopus book, in souvenir yarn from La Jolla I got at the Redlands Yarn Company
  3. Finish CA on my Mind with size 0s
  4. Blurred Lines Socks by Megan Williams with Vesper destashed from Melissa (Meliabella) with size 0s

Frogged: Boneyard. I just wasn't feeling the color transition I used. I think I'll knit it again in the future.

Coming Attractions (segment name from Hollywood Knitter podcast): Idlewood by Cecily Glowik MacDonald in madelinetosh tosh chunky in the Spectrum colorway. I may need to mod the length to suit my body better - shorter or longer. I have several designs in their finished state for publication. yay! Flutter by Amy Herzog in BMFA WooBu in the Stumptown colorway.

New in the Queue (segment name from Just one More Row podcast): Makai. Cedarwood cardi by Cecily Glowik MacDonald, perhaps in some old item I frog. Kits Kerchief by tincanknits for rest of the Bonny yarn. Also considering Audrey in Unst by Gudrun Johnston and Snowflake by tincanknits.


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