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For non-knitting friends, the acronyms WIP, FO, and KAL might sound silly - they stand for "Work in Process", "Finished Project", and "Knit A Long" :) I've been knitting more the last few months, and it is making me super happy, and considering all these things. Ravelry is open in more browser tabs than I will admit most of the time! I've also been missing reporting on these things on my fairly defunct podcast, which may make a return someday.

FO: my On Caspertine, In Love socks is another attempt at a sock pattern I really loved and wore them out. I did a bit of math to make things work a little better this time around. And I used some yarn that reminds me of a movie which reminds me of love: Stardust, the airship's is Caspertine, and that's the colorway. Great movie, E and I watched it on our anniversary one year and so it will be forever linked with LOVE in my head. So the yarn colorway inspired the socks, which inspired picking a pattern with hearts that I loved, and it reminded me of love throughout! Yarn is from Toil and Trouble, with "bookishly inspired" colorways.

enchanting temptress

WIP: my Enchanting Temptress is the Tempting cardigan from Knitty in Knit Picks Imagination. It is a striped cardi that has been in my queue for years, and when this yarn was on sale, I picked these two, hoping they would go together for a steal. They most definitely do. current status: knit in one piece to the armholes, cast on for sleeves in the round, two at a time. need to buy buttons!

WIP: my lichen tide cowl is a long cowl using the lace pattern from the Low Tide cardigan I made earlier this summer. I cast on with JMCO and left those stitches live for easy grafting at the end. My friend Jennifer even knit a few repeats at coffee the other morning for me :) current status: I'm just knitting it until I run out of yarn! 17g of yarn left.

WIP: a re-knit of a pattern I designed several years back and haven't released yet. woot, I LOVE it, with Yarn Vs. Zombie yarn.

Pantone KAL

KAL: Colors of Fall (Pantone) KAL from the Yarniacs podcast: ravelry thread for FOs/chatter. Knit something with one or more color from the Pantone fall palette, and post a styled outfit on the boards to enter. tag "yarniacsfall2013kal", through September 22nd. my Enchanting Temptress WIP has emerald, Mykonos blue, and acai in it. Next up, my Contented Cardi (close to Lichen green) and Flutter Pullover (close to carafe) would work.

KAL: July/August Sweater KAL from the Knerd Girl Knits podcast: ravelry thread for FOs/chatter. Knit a full sized sweater and post in the thread by the end of August. my Enchanting Temptress should be done by then!

KAL: Fall Sweater KAL from the Down Cellar Studio podcast: ravelry thread for FOs/chatter. Knit an adult-sized sweater by October 15. tag "DCSsweaterkal". My Enchanting Temptress will be done by then, and my next up Contented Cardi should as well.

KAL: Big Shawl KAL from the tvknittingpodcast: ravelry threads for FOs/chatter. Knit a large-for-me shawl by the end of August. My anniversary yarn from Toil And Trouble (colorway is Maleficient, but its actually the purple and yellow from our wedding 13 years ago this month!) is destined to become a wren shawl, casting on for our anniversary trip next week. deadline may be extended!

KAL: Summer of Lace and Beads from the The Knitmore Girls podcast: ravelry thread. I have a pattern I'm designing that probably won't make it off the needles before the summer is over. I considered casting on My Hope by Laura Linneman in a yarn I got on last year's yarn crawl. Glitz at the Ritz is another contender. In reality, I bet I'll just have time for Rachel Frank's (tinygeekcrafter on rav and instagram) Black Mamba for a necklace/bracelet.

New in the Queue (to use the segment name from Just One More Row!): Ink cardigan - first seen on Knerd Girl Knits. I'm tempted to double strand some laceweight I have a large quantity of and make this longer sweater.

Coming Attraction (to use the segment name from Hollywood Knitter!): Casting on my Wren Shawl out of anniversary yarn. Sweaters coming up next are: Contented Cardi by Hannah Fettig in Fibre Company's Canopy Worsted in the Paw Paw colorway. Flutter pullover by Amy Herzog in Blue Moon Fiber Art's Woobu in the Stumpton Brown colorway. Socks in a destash Vesper Sock yarn, pattern TBD. I have other yarns and patterns paired up on my ravelry queue page!

...and that's the story!


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Last month, I wrote a spotlight on all the WIPs, FOs, and KALs I was knitting on. I enjoyed that little idea so much that I've been brewing a new update for you all. KEY:FOFinished ObjectWIPWork in ProgressKALKnit A Longqueuelist... Read More


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