back to basics: spaces and week 1

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Last week, I wrote a post about the Back to Basics challenge (#wwbtb) and listed out some of my current goals.

First up, the challenge for this week was Improving Spaces, making areas of my home better able to help me reach my goals. This has been a constant source of the rearrange-a-rama in my house through my journey!

  • In the kitchen, I carved out spaces for my medifast meal replacements early on, and then did a major purge of the extras in the cabinets around them. I've been tweaking these cupboards a little more as I have been adjusting to maintenance. Today, I condensed the selection of meal replacements and protein bars into one area, and moved the dried fruits and nuts and smoothie makings to another area. This gave me a little more of a consistent place to grab for the things that match. Yes, that's a big theme for me, "like" things MUST go together, even if the order seems nonsensical to those around me ;) My scale and magic bullet and George Foreman grill are easily accessible on one counter. My measuring cups and spoons are in one drawer and tea is in another. I'm pleased with this setup.
  • Another area I made over this spring was my craftbrary/exercise area. It was bookshelves in a guest room, then my craft room, and now my exercise bike and weights are in there. This week, I've been working on straightening for not only ease of exercising but to revitalize my business goals.
  • Because one of my new goals is to improve my sleep atmosphere, I've also been trying to keep things clean around my bed. Less clutter gives me less to stress about, theoretically. And less clutter lets me find my sports bras & yoga pants, and actually do the exercises in there!
kitchen spaces 2
meal replacements, baking supplies, and less frequent stuff on top shelf
kitchen spaces 1
dried fruits, nuts, and smoothie ingredients, with counter-fruits and veggies

The challenge for the present week is all about tracking, and I'll look more at that soon. I'm so deep in the tracking on MyFitnessPal that every bite is documented. I don't trust my body yet to tell me when I'm hungry all the time, though I hope to get more intuitive about this!

So how did I do on my lockscreen goals? I blogged several times. I drank more unflavored water every day. Exercisewise, I rocked it: 4 days on the bike, weights twice, yogastretch and abs three times. and I walked both days of the weekend! My sleep environment is still a work in process - one night, I fought the sleep and got up and played in html for several hours instead, oops. As far as weight goes, I'm up just a tiny bit, but my pants are fitting better, and I am feeling tighter and stronger. Maybe a little too worn out, but I did push myself awfully hard after being less active for a few months. So I'm pretty sure that this will all show that my muscles are forming and needed repair time before I see a balancing effect. Giving and getting support was good. I'm hoping to just continue on with all these things this week, no big change in goals.

I'm feeling proud :) Rededicating my efforts really seemed to help!


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