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I feel blessed to have online friends who are healthful in many areas of my life. I was inspired by Brooke and Emily of who started a September challenge to get Back to Basics, with topics and challenges to revive our health in September after some have had a not so stellar summer!


Yes, I count myself as one of the people who has been challenged this summer. I transitioned off of my carb controlled meal-replacement diet slowly, and moved into maintenance to give my body a change to find it's place, or equilibrium after such a major change. I proceeded to adjust some of my meds at the same time, and all of that was a little much for my body. I have gained back a few pounds, much to my dismay. So I'm still struggling to find the right combination of nutrients my body needs and so now is the perfect time to revitalize my plan.

Here are my goals, I'm imitating Brooke's idea for goals in a poster format, and what better than a pic of me this summer looking happy and sleek to help me get back to that! I'm setting it as my iPhone lock screen to remind me often.

  • healthy blogging - I want to post at least once a week, something about my healthy journey. It may be a weekly food recap, or a new recipe. It might be something reflective and personal like this. Documenting my life is important to me! I'm also always adding pics of my food/exercise on instagram and bookmarking with pinterest, and those all feed into my main blog page.
  • pure water - increase the water that I drink that is not flavored. I'm drinking more crystal light/mio/water enhances than I'd like. Not trying to cut it out completely right now, but make baby steps.
  • exercise - I plan to up the duration on my exercise bike/walks vs. just upping the intensity. Also reintegrating yoga-stretching and ab work that I lost when my pain level increased. And finally, add hand-weights in a very small way to start.
  • sleep environment - continue working on creating the best sleep I can. turning off electronics, setting a peaceful mood, and reading for enjoyment to make me sleepy.
  • submit MFP at end of day - I get all my food entered into myfitnesspal and then don't finish out the day by checking my last meal and any extra exercising. this will remind me to finish out my healthy day and put me in a better mindset for how the day shaped up, to let it go and start fresh the next day.
  • maintain - I need to remind myself that ups and downs are okay in maintenance, and give myself grace. it would be a plesent surprise to loose, but that's not my goal right NOW, so I need to stop beating myself up!
  • give & get support - I do best when I am part of a community. I'm lucky enough to have many friends who care enough about me to be supportive, and I try to turn around and give some for that support back. keep this up!

I hope to participate in more of the BTB challenges as the weeks go on. I feel good getting this out there to start with.


...and that's the story!


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