meal plans: 1-18-2010

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I was excited when writing up this week's list, considering that I would get to blog about the plans :)  It's been a while since I've been this excited about blogging, truthfully.

Recap of last week: We had several meals with new recipes to test out.  I tried getting jarred red peppers at Costco to use in soup instead of roasting them myself.  As my tweet said, I didn't think to rinse the peppers first, and we ended up with vinegar-y soup!  Sandwiches with the leftover herb rolls the next day turned out great (a little high in points, but paired with a salad wasn't bad).  Our asian meal was completely new: a lot of dirty dishes and two sets of wontons (potstickers and apple dessert wontons) later, and we decided the potstickers weren't necessary, but the fried rice worked very well and E's new wok was awesome.  Finally, the roasted vege idea for Friday was great: used breakfast links cut into little rounds, and that was delicious.

For this coming week, I had 5 meals to plan in a row because we aren't going anywhere again until next Sunday.

  • Monday: out to Sweet Tomatoes (are you on Club Veg to get their coupons?) and groceries at Trader Joe's. 
  • Tuesday: Vegetable soup (broth, peppers, celery, tortellinis, and charrizo) with cornbread (healthified version of @allrecipes).  Maybe no-pudge brownies for dessert?
  • Wednesday: (quick food for knit-night) hamburger without the bun, baked Kettle chips
  • Thursday: Risotto (lemon, celery, peas - modified slightly with chicken, herb-y salad
  • Friday: Breakfast for dinner: crepes (low fat crepes with lemon curd and berry preserves, potatoes, striples.
  • Saturday: freezer lasagna (SmartOne meal for me, vegetable for E), broccoli, and breadsticks (from herb bread dough from Trader Joe's)
  • Sunday: out to Clackamas and ABC for vegemeat sale.
Inspiration-wise, I had a short idea list leftover from last week to start with.  Watching an episode of Giada at Home (episode More for Less) where she used lemon juice in her chicken soup reminded me it had been a while since I made risotto.  The vegetable soup came out of having leftover peppers from our Costco trip last week, and I looked in my newest cooking magazines for ideas using them and didn't see anything new so I'm just making it up based on the last few soups I made.

E got a bunch of lunch meals, I've got plenty of cereal and applesauce, and the week is looking to have a good healthy plan.  Yay!

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