meal plans: 1-11-01

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Taking the time to write out my meal plans again this week.  This may become a regular segment!

Recap of last week:  We were pretty successful in eating on plan.  Our cottage cheese for the baked potatoes went bad before we could use it.  The frozen steam-in-bag veges (Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers) were both a great success - Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrot with Cheese sauce and Buttery Rice with Vegetables - I'll certainly get these again.  I didn't end up making the pizza crust thinner as planned because I just couldn't imagine how it would roll out.  And I ate it all instead of saving some for lunch, it's just too good to pass up.  Omelets turned out *great*, I'm excited to try this again.

For this coming week, we don't have many plans for leaving the house, so I needed more days worth of menu plans.  Only a few leftovers remained from last week, so working off that didn't help for ideas.  A Costco trip means inexpensive red peppers (bag of 6), so I wanted meals to use that.

  • Monday: out (at Olive Garden - Apricot Chicken) and grocery shopping (Costco, Safeway)
  • Tuesday: Red Pepper soup (adjusted from AllRecipes) and yogurt rolls (@theredkitchen) modded with herbs and cornmeal 
  • Wednesday: Salad with carrots, leftover yogurt rolls turned into sandwiches with cheese and vege-turkey lunchmeat
  • Thursday: Asian meal: fried rice (recipe @weightwatchers), chicken strips, steamed dumpling/wontons, and apple wontons (recipe @weightwatchers) for desert.
  • Friday: Roasted vegetables (zucchini, onion, pepper, garlic) over whole wheat pasta with morningstar sausage (recipe @foodnetwork).  maybe desert to go with this?
  • Saturday: out?  No plans yet.
  • Sunday: Mexican meal: quasadillas on corn tortillas with 2% mexican shred, roased veges, chicken strips.  E could make tacos with beans.
The asian meal was inspired from our trip to CA, where we helped make the giant Beeson-Vixie asian meal they do when there's a holiday or something special going on.  It's all vegetarian, with great sauces and fried foods to go with.  When I saw my Weight Watchers app highlighting fried rice, I thought it was about time to try it.

I watched the first episode (Penne for Pennies) of Ten Dollar Dinners from the winner of the Food Network Star (watched some eps on New Years Eve!) this weekend, and I loved her creation.  I'm modifying it for what we like and to be vegetarian, it was a really good base idea.

We ended up with a wide variety of things from Costco that we didn't plan on buying, but all will be useful.  E got hummus and pita crackers for lunches.  I got a couple of microwave dinners with good low WW point values.  I got a WeightWatchers magazine from the 30% off magazine rack, and I'm excited to be inspired with that for next week.  Also, a gift card for Jamba Juice was 39.99 and worth $50, so that will be a good thing to use in the coming months for evening treats here and there.  A lot of our purchases, we had Costco member coupons for (saving $22.25!).

It looks to be a good week, all in all :)

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