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this is a story about wearing my heart on my sleeve...

original set

I love having a story for the things I'm wearing, especially my jewelry. So when I saw a jewelry designer, Bama+Ry, was going to be bringing her cute charms to the fitbloggin conference I attended this summer, I was excited. I scoped out her site beforehand, and then was sure to hit her table right away at the evening event.


Today was celebrated as "Discover Your Optimal Health day" by the coaching units of Take Shape For Life (the coaching side of the health plan I used to change my life). It seemed like a great day to wear my heart on my sleeve with my new charms!

I've been having fun getting to know the Bama+Ry creator, Jasmine, online since then, and I got all jazzed when I realized she would do custom orders! I loved my original set of "fitbloggin", "blog", and "love", and these are a part of me. So to represent my new mindset on life, I added onto the set. Here are my charms:

  • love - this word has been important to me all my life. family and friends are super important to me, and the word love represented that. So much so that as a child, I signed every birthday card I made with "love productions" for the card company name. And then my husband got me the domain name love-productions.com as a Christmas gift for me in 1999, and that turned into my web design company site for many years.
  • blog - another life-changing word. I started blogging before it was cool, way back in 2000. Blogging lead me to much learning on web design and development, a volunteer and then paid position for a blogging company, and has been a major way of documenting my life personally. A big part of me, for sure. fun side note: My friend Christine just recently posted about the phenomenon in I Watched the Internet Grow Up
  • create - what do I create? the easier question might be "what don't I create?" right now, a lot of yarn-y goodness (I'm kristine on ravelry, with my kadyellebee knitting patterns), but it also encompasses my health - I am creating health in my life, through a lot of hard work! I consider it my full time job right now, anything else is just bonus until I can get a handle on what I can do to allow me to live with fibromyalgia.
  • inspire - going right along with the idea of creating, I want to inspire others. I want to inspire people to find a hobby that makes their heart sing. And my new discovery is that I want to inspire people to make healthy steps in their lives. I don't know what that looks like yet!
  • fitbloggin - the conference that really gave me the confidence to dream and believe that there is more to healthy than the physical side - emotional health is just as important. I am blessed to be surrounded by friends online that I know from the conference, and I truely believe I will look back and see this summer as a turning point.

There you have it, my biggest dreams and things that have molded me into the person I am today, all encompassed on my neck today. (plus bonus little hearts on my ears!). and that's the story!


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