meals in review, week of 08/04/2013

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I've been posting some of the pictures of my meals on instagram (i am @kdlb over there) and have gotten questions about my recipes. Because this maintenance part of my health journey is so new to me, I'm still learning what to eat and how to put it together best! So I'm excited to share how my menu plan for the last week looked.
I eat 6 meals a day, and these are just the main meal I planned each day. In future weeks, I may choose to spotlight some of the smoothies, breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, or last meal if they are interesting! (Like the Lemon Ricotta Fluffcakes I made for breakfast twice!)
  • Sunday, 8/4: OUT Sweet Tomatoes breakfast
  • Monday, 8/5: Picnicy meal - quinoa tabbouleh (inspired by this recipe with less quinoa), corn on the cob, griller prime on Dave killer's bread, apple cole slaw (inspired by this greenlitebites recipe). some interesting discussion about my quinoa tabbouleh was on my Instagram pic.)
  • Tuesday, 8/6: French - Caramelized lemon caper chicken with veggie cake (French Women Don't Get Fat cookbook, page 104)
  • Wednesday, 8/7: Mexican salad with poached chicken, corn salsa (corn, red onion, jalapeño, lime juice, red onion), avocado, and feta
  • Thursday, 8/8: Breakfast-for-dinner: veggie egg white scramble with homemade turkey sausage (lean ground turkey, veggies, bread, egg, mozzarella)
  • Friday, 8/9: Freezer meal - Trader Joe vegetarian meatballs over cauliflower, mozzarella, and cottage cheese
  • Saturday, 8/10: OUT Red Robin - Chicken Teriyaki burger on lettuce bun, with a salad; IN Turkey celery salad with cranberries, bread, and corn on the cob

Foreshadowing: This coming week features our 13th wedding anniversary, and I'm going to allow myself a special meal to celebrate (the word "treat" seems to make more sense to me than "spurge" or :cringe: "cheat", but really, I think it's about balancing and planning for something special and consciously eating even more carefully for the meals around it). I've got a few new inventions in the works for the week as well.

Did you cook anything that you absolutely loved this last week? :)


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