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Last year in August, to celebrate our 12th anniversary, Eric and I took a drive out to Long Beach, Astoria, and Fort Stevens. It was a nice drive, listening to a good book (Ready Player One by Earnest Cline, narrated beautifully by Wil Wheaton), some good time in the sand, and I did a little photoshoot for my newest finished object and a not-pictured yet-to-be-released pattern.
fort Kristine, k+e 2012
k+e, August 2012
fort Kristine
Kristine front, August 2012
E took some really cool pics of me in the old battery at Fort Stevens, showcasing the beautiful long length of the hallway, and I loved the picture so much it had been my cover photo on Facebook ever since.
This month, when my inlaws were in town, we got a chance to go back to Fort Stevens, and so I planned a little revised photoshoot. I had this vision in my head of taking a new picture in the hallway and putting past-kristine back to back with present-kristine :)
fort kristine
past and present
I am on a health journey, not the end, so I choose to consider this my past and present (rather than before and after). My goal is to balance out everything in my body and use the habits of health I've learned along the way to continue to get more physically fit, mentally well, and be able to enjoy life!
These are a few of the other pics taken while we were out there! (and a bonus picture of E and me another part of the weekend)
fort Kristine
front wall picture
fort Kristine
this is me! just as I am! with extra sass, perhaps!
fort Kristine
k+e, July 2013
k+e, July 2012 @Slappycakes


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