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On Facebook this morning, Shalom Mama posted an interesting prompt:

kadyellebee: real food obstacles

What's your biggest obstacle to eating a real food diet?

Real Food is generally defined (at least by 100 days of real food) as things found in nature rather than a processing plant. My reply to the prompt?

this is a very good question. I started to answer a little bit ago, and realized I wasn't actually sure what was stopping me. I think that I need to do more research and planning on what a real food diet looks like for ME, and then put things in place to get started. thanks for the prompt!

It certainly kept me thinking throughout the day.

And then I remembered a blog post I started writing earlier this month on the very topic and never published! That would be likely why it was so familiar. ;)

titled: doing things half way....

I love the idea of eating real clean food, things that are minimally processed and cutting out the preservatives, sugar substitutes, and things you can't pronounce on a recipe label. Perhaps even organic produce for the worst offenders.

I'd especially like to make my own bars and granolas and bread (and when I buy things made with grains, whole grains will be my focus). Yogurts and ice creams (or fruit versions of ice cream) are also high on my list. I'm already doing so many things with vegetables and lean meats and so just expanding my repertoire is the plan.

My points of contention:

  1. Cutting out sugar substitutes will be hard. I do enjoy soda (now diet) and crystal light.
  2. My current meal replacements are really handy, full of balanced protein/carbs/low fat, and some are really good.
  3. I would prefer to buy produce locally, though, over worrying about organic. There are differing opinions on this choice!
  4. Things that could be genetically modified (GMOs): our household eats a lot of soy since E is a vegetarian, and so I try at least a few times a week to eat with him.
  5. I enjoy going out to eat on the weekend.

So with all these things in mind, is it even a half-way valid idea to start eating real clean food, when I choose not to do it all the way (yet)? I could see a time in the foreseeable future that #1 and #2 could be changeable, #3 is plausible, but #4 may not. #5 might be mean choosing more carefully on the restaurant.

I believe I can at least take a few more baby steps in a positive direction and see where they lead. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

Sources: 100 Days of Real Food: "Eat Local Foods", Happy Cow: "The Non-GMO Diet"


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