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The fall tv season is in full swing and my thoughts were more than 140 characters of Twitter!  Beware, spoilers are throughout for the season to date in all of my notes!  My full post and grid can be found at TV season 2011-2012.

New shows that have really caught my eye:
  • Ringer, TheCW: I am really enjoying Sarah Michelle Gellar and trying to figure out what is going on between Bridget and Siobhan.  The whole cast is a nice mix, and the clothes are so pretty.  E is not convinced.  The boat scene certainly had the web buzzing at it's terribleness!  But I will definitely keep watching.
  • Revenge, ABC: This was a "alternate" that I wasn't sure I'd like.  Then I heard several people saying how wonderful it was and I gave it a chance.  The mystery is interesting even in a flashback sense.  I love having Nick Weschler on my screen again (Roswell).  Again with the beautiful clothes. 
  • The Secret Circle, TheCW: This was an alternate that I only taped on last impulse, and I'm glad I did.  It's a perfect show to watch on my own... The teens are so young looking (even John Connor, LOL!)  The magic is fun, and I'm so interested to learn more about what happened to the parents.
  • Free Agents, NBC: Ok, so we laughed a lot at this show.  Anthony Stewart Head has some hilarious lines.  Basing the show in Portland makes me smile because My Mountain (Mt. Hood) shows up in the beginning and we see tons of PDX-y stuff.  Characters aren't real Portlanders, but it's fun to see what they have done this way.  Hank Azaria is great, too.  Ratingswise, it's not looking like it will stick around, but since it's NBC, it may have more of a chance than the other networks because they don't have as many options to switch out.  Hopefully, they'll give it more of a chance.
Tried, but no cigar:
  • Up All Night, NBC: Sorry, Will Arnett, we deleted this season pass already.  Too many unfunny jokes.
  • Person of Interest, CBS: Eek.  I had such high hopes.  Too much vengence.  I've got the 2nd episode on the TiVo, and don't really feel like even watching it, although the numbers and computer system is an intriguing possibility.  The filming is really choppy, too.
  • New Girl, FOX: It was funny at times, but also a little too awkward.  I'm not sure yet, but I'm pretty sure we are done.  However, I might give it another episode *because* it's already been picked up for the season, so they have a longer time to make it flow better.
  • The Vampire Diaries, TheCW: Excellent! I am so in love with this show.  I can't help but be wishing for a little Damon/Elena-goodness...  Caroline and Tyler are entertaining.  Stefan and Nic/Klaus and their 20s storyline was very cool.
  • Fringe, FOX: Oh man, this is so good.  The Anna Torv scenes with both Olivia and Fauxlivia are effortless, I can feel the difference between the characters.  Seth Gabel is fabulous.  But Peter... where's my Pacey?!  My only complaint is that I can't watch it in real time on Friday nights because E games all evening!
  • Hawaii Five-0, CBS: Wow, this show really came back strong.  I've got E watching too and he didn't watch the end of the first season.  I did miss a few eps and so the whole Larissa O storyline is a little foggy.  I gasped outloud at James Marsters in the first ep, I hadn't been spoiled on that!
  • Castle, ABC: When crying off and on through a season premiere, I know it is one I hugely am connected to.  Excellent.  Really want the characters to get back to those all-important words from the finale, but enjoying the ride in the meantime.
  • Glee, FOX: I'm not finding myself connecting to the storylines right  away - a lot of new characters were introduced in the first ep, and then the focus on just West Side Story isn't something I'm familiar with, so I miss some of the broader storylines.  But enough is good that I'm glad to watch it.
  • Big Bang Theory, CBS/How I Met Your Mother, CBS: these shows go together in my eyes, both very entertaining and it's fun to watch them in real time versus on dvd after the fact - I don't have to be careful about spoilers with them for once!  Storylinewise, BBT: I'm quite tired of Priya even when she's not on the screen.  And HIMYM, I loved Barney and Robin dancing.  I'm so interested to see if the storyline with Victoria goes any further.

Terra Nova: still deciding, only seen one ep so far.  Same with Hart of Dixie, one episode isn't quite enough to decide.  Pan Am seems pretty generic - the sisters are interesting. 

House is coming this week and I really don't care.  E will have to convince me to watch it, although the TiVo is set to record.  Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Chuck, and Bones are all still coming either the end of October or very beginning of November in the case of Bones.

and that's the story!

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