project365 for January

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At the end of last year, Lynda (@lynda)of digital woe mentioned Project 365.  I was familiar with it, because Rina (@Shelley511) had done it with special themes for each month.  Even though I was on vacation when the year started, I made special effort to start taking a picture a day. 

The first months worth are put together in the picture on the left (plus the first few days of February, just for fun).

My goal is to continue this through the year.  I've decided to focus on self-portraits because it gives me a subject, and otherwise, every little thing in my house might get spotlighted multiple times.  So rather than rule out self-portraits, I focused on it. :)

Plus, this is giving me a real challenge because I don't get dressed up every day with makeup.  And because of my illnesses, there are days when getting out of bed is the only accomplishment.  This makes it hard some days to be comfortable in my skin.  And I want to be.  Turning the negative into a positive! 

I'm never a person to go with one angle or consistent background for my self portraits.  I will try to make an effort to show interesting objects or knits or makeup or something to make the picture different. 

I want to get better using my camera, and even though I do use my iPhone for part of the pictures, I'm trying to remember to pick up the camera and find some lighting to make the picture nicer.  This has made me take more in process pictures of my knitting because I might as well while I'm plugging the camera  in!  Hopefully by the end of the year, I'll be a better photographer.

People on facebook (kristine.beeson) will see these photos as flickr updates facebook automatically, but sometimes slow.  You can also see the photos on my page that aggregates everything at or directly at (kdlb).  I'm using flickr for this project because then I can tag them any anyone who is participating in project365 can view my pictures. 


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