Christmas decorating

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I'm thinking that this is the year we won't have a Christmas tree. 

The last few years, it's been a lot of work to put up the tree.  It's a fake tree, we've had it since we got married, and it's a good choice for us.  I've poked my arms up a ton getting the lights just exactly how I wanted them.  Last year, I was inspired by the holiday decorations in the New Orleans section of Disneyland and I got a lot of beads trying to recreate that... but it didn't quite come out how I wanted.

We don't spend that much time downstairs, so it feels like if I were to put up a tree, it's just going to be for show when we have E's birthday, and that's about it.  Plus, the exercise bike is in the way, and I *must* keep using it through the holidays.  So space is tight, especially if we have 15 people for E's bday, we need every inch.

Also: this year, we'll be flying to California on Christmas morning.  So no opening presents under *our* tree, we'll have to celebrate earlier together.  We'll celebrate around the tree at my parents house on Christmas Eve, and with E's parents on Christmas day.  This is all very exciting!

Alternate plan:
I've got some crocheted garlands and snowflakes and I'd like to put those up with lights on the wall.  I'd also like to put some things up in the office where we'd actually get to enjoy them.  And a wreath on the door with my angel in the middle of course.

Decembers are always stressful with all of the things I feel I *MUST* do, and I'm looking forward to keeping things more simple this time around.  Focusing on health and the spirit of the season is more important, I do believe.

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