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I had a twinging feeling that I didn't leave enough space in the ankles of my Coraline cotty socks, but I didn't listen and kept on going. Ahh now last night I gave in and ripped several inches back on each sock (doing two at a time).

My mystery shawl that doesn't have a name Is certainly going to be available to purchase at some point, but until I work out some details, I haven't wanted to take pictures. I wore it tonight and it made me feel so divine. I had no idea all these years that I'm totally a shawl/wrap kinda girl and just hadn't had the chance to try them. This winters big goal is to get competent on several different shapes and techniques both written patterns and my own custom designs

Reading some crochet books again this evening, I'm amazed at how much sense they make with my miniscle experience so far! Nice to be able to queue or favorite in Ravelry and know I'll have ideas for what I'd like to use crochet next.



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An infographic taken from the myheart.net POTS resource that details some of the treatments of POTS syndrome
Watermelon Gazpacho with Feta and Mint recipe on Food52
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