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We are currently in the Esther Short Park, downtown Vancouver. We decided it would be a nice day to just come with our lawn chairs and books and knitting to hang out. There's live african music right now. I've been working on my crochet motifs and E is reading his giant Neal Stephenson book. There is a nice breeze and plenty of people to watch. We've been trying to decide what to do for the Fourth, since our normal plans aren't happening. Trying to think of some non-conventional options even. It's sad that the first year we don't have plans is the first year Vancouver had to stop it's big fireworks show. E loves setting off fireworks so that's usually part of the plan but maybe not this year. It has me deep in thought (again) about being the only family members without kids or furry children. The other kids all have that, and it has a way of 'making' their plans for them. Holidays just certainly have a way of separating us from the crowd some. Anyhow... Finishing the post, several days later: we had a delightful time in the park and two of my friends joined us for a while to knit and chat and it really was great. Then E and I went to see Transformers and out to Thai afterwards. A really wonderful day with no worries.

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