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Hacking Movable Type

Hacking Movable Type (ExtremeTech)

by Jay Allen, Brad Choate,
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Movable Type, that amazingly powerful personal publishing application, is the superhero of the Internet age. But when you push, poke, stretch, and otherwise coax it into producing even more, the possibilities for your Web content are simply superlative. Roll up your sleeves and get moving-here's the first book to tell you how.

It's obvious that Movable Type has changed my life. This book is a testament to how cool the actual program is, and really gives a lot of great tips and tricks.

2 of the authors are my co-workers, Jay Allen and Brad Choate. Another author is David Raynes, who is such a great guy (we worked together on the Plugin Manager back when that was alive). The other guys are people I respect a great deal.

My name is in the Plugins Directory section, and it really was exciting to see. There were other examples in the book that I recognized giving in the forums or in other places.

Even though a lot of this was familiar info, some of it was new, and much of it will be an excellent resource. MT3.2 has since come out, but that's okay, most of the book really is helpful still.

posted September 25, 2005
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