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Like Gold Refined

Like Gold Refined (Prairie Legacy)

by Janette Oke
Bethany House Publishers
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In Quiet Strength, Oke began the story of Virginia and Jonathan's married life. Picking up a few years later, Oke finds that the couple having been blessed with three healthy children and a foster daughter, Mindy, the child of Virginia's friend Jenny. As Virginia and Jonathan move through their daily lives, secure in their love for each other and in God's love for them, the family faces some difficult decisions. Jenny returns, gravely ill, and demands custody of Mindy. And, if that weren't enough, Marty and Clark Davis, Virginia's grandparents, are unable to live alone on the farm, and no one wants the responsibility of forcing them to move into town. Although Oke offers no real sense of difficulty for the couple, she wraps up this series in truly happily-ever-after form with a pleasant book fans will adore.

Book 4 of the Prairie Legacy - the Conclusion of Virginia's story. Beautiful I tell you! I cried several times, couldn't help myself. But the whole family just was so easy to fall in love with, and really reminded me why I loved Love Comes Softly too. I found myself trying to picture the old Marty and Clark's house from my head long ago. And it reminded me of how important trust in God is. Wow, it's amazing a how simple fiction can do that, isn't it?
posted July 20, 2005
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